Hartzman & Associates includes Debbie Hartzman, Josh Decaire, and Marnie Hunt. With over 30 years combined experience in the financial and insurance industry, at Hartzman and Associates we take pride in providing high quality comprehensive financial planning, to help you reach all of your financial goals in life.

As an independent group, we are not owned by a bank or insurance company. As such, we stand firmly committed to providing our clients with objective and personalized advice. Through our wide range of services, we offer an individualized approach to building financial strategies based around you, your circumstances, and your goals and dreams. By taking the time to understand your unique needs, we create a plan and monitor your progress to help you achieve a secure financial future.


Debbie Hartzman CFP®.CLU®.CDFA.TEP

Financial Planner


Debbie Hartzman is a native Kingstonian. Having lived in Kingston, Ontario most of her life, she and husband, Michael, decided this is where they wanted to live and raise their family. Now that the kids have grown and have families of their own, Michael and Debbie couldn’t imagine living anywhere else!

The fact that Debbie has based her financial planning practice in a small center has not stopped her from being recognized across Canada for her unique practice. She is seen by her peers and industry writers as a predominate force in shaping the face of the financial services industry as well as a Senior Financial Planner,  specializing in helping “Wise Women” understand and manage their wealth.

Debbie set the bar high in achieving all the top designation in her field and continues to keep her education current and relevant.  Her volunteer work in several community projects, coupled with her volunteer work on industry panels helps keep her understanding relevant to the needs of people in her communities. Debbie’s hobbies and interest include but are not limited to, family, friends, food, wine, cooking, reading, golf, exercise, swimming, and nothing is more important than her grandchildren.

Following graduation from the University of Ottawa in 2013, Josh began working at Queen’s as a Research Associate. In early 2015 he began to look for a way to merge two of his passions: the crazy world of personal finance and a desire to help people solve problems and find solutions, and the way in which he could turn that into a career. As he delved deeper into the subject of personal finance, he was dismayed to find just how many people there are out there that are left to their own devices in trying to plan for their financial future, and just how many of those people are struggling with the task. There’s a massive disconnect between the realities of personal finance and the availability of solid, actionable information for the average person.

In particular he’s noticed young professionals and young families neglecting to take care of their financial plan. There are a lot of things happening in those early years of professional and family life, and it’s easy for thinking about the future to get forgotten in the chaos. The problem is that by the time many people get around to thinking about their future it’s upon them, and they’re not in the financial position they’d like to be in at that point in their life. His Plan2Thrive™ program is a simple easy solution. Josh’s mission is to empower people to take control over their financial situation, and to ensure that they have a plan in place to reach their financial goals – a plan to thrive.


Josh Decaire




Marnie Hunt



Marnie and her husband have lived and worked in Kingston for the past 22 years.  She has two amazing children that are active in the community.  For the past 20 years, Marnie’s exceptional organizational and customer centric skills have been focused in the financial services industry.

As the administrative associate for Debbie Hartzman for the past 11 years, she has worked hard as part of the team to offer exceptional service to our clients.She is an integral part of the team and clients have come to rely on her smiling face and positive attitude.

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